The Power Of Support

“My breast cancer journey began in January of 2018. It started after the birth of my granddaughter Avery. I started having discharge from my right breast. I knew it wasn’t going to be good news at my mammogram. The tech was crying. The next day at my biopsy the staff gave me yellow roses.  It confirmed my worst fear. I went into the bathroom and prayed that it would not be breast cancer, but if it was I would have the strength to get through this.  I told everyone as soon as possible. My family and friends were so generous and kind. My co-workers were very supportive.

My treatment was at the Trihealth Breast Center. I made it through six rounds of chemotherapy and a lot of Herceptin.  I had my surgery in August of 2018.  Radiation was the month of October 2018. I finished Herceptin in February 2019.  Followed by hormone suppression until I could have my tubes and ovaries removed in May. There have been multiple complications along the way. There are still reconstructive surgeries planned.

I do best when I focus on the positive things. The love and support of my friends and family.  They have sat with me.  I have been made dinners. Give extremely thoughtful gifts. This includes Tina’s Angels.  They allowed me to dream big and ask.  I was given an extraordinary gift. A vacation with my family on the beach. It was wonderful to pause and focus on creating wonderful memories of with my family. I am grateful. ” 

Christy Turner