The Happiest Place On Earth

“As a healthy 37 year old, it was a shock to learn in December 2018 that a lump I discovered during a routine self-exam was Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

As a single mother, already managing a significant amount of change, I was overwhelmed with this diagnosis but determined to overcome any obstacle to my health and happiness. Chemotherapy began in January 2019. I soon became very ill, was eventually hospitalized for a week, and rarely left bed during the first month of treatment.

It was a scary and depressing time. As a mental health therapist by profession, I consistently witness the value of positive thinking, but that task was beyond challenging when facing life threatening side effects that first month.

I am grateful for every ounce of kindness I received during my treatment, but the greatest surprise was provided by Tina’s Angels. I felt so blessed to receive this unexpected opportunity. Throughout treatment, I have been able to envision my daughter and I on vacation in sunny Florida.

I picture her joy as she meets the Disney characters or envision her smile and laughter as she enjoys a ride and my mood will instantly shift to be more positive. I visualize myself relaxing in the pool at the hotel and I feel more calm. There has been tremendous value in having this positive experience to look forward to. I have often thought of the vacation as a reward for defeating cancer, it has been an invaluable gift.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have this experience with my daughter. We travel to Florida and visit Disney next month! This vacation is hugely needed, greatly appreciated, and would not be possible without Tina’s Angels. I give so much thanks for all that this organization and its supporters do in bringing joy to individuals who are fighting breast cancer.”

Alisa Longo