The Trip Of A Lifetime

Tracey Baker-Evans is an amazing operating room nurse at Grandview Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio. She has a heart of gold and has often been the nurse that hold the hand of women as they drift off to sleep for their mastectomy. They are scared and Tracey gives them love and support. ‘

September of 2018, Tracey went from being the nurse to being the patient. What a whirlwind she and her family went through. After a mammogram and then an ultrasound to finally a biopsy….She was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular breast cancer. She had her mastectomy on 10/17/18 only to wake up and be told that she had positive lymph nodes as well. There is no doubt that there were swings of emotions that followed but, Tracey never lost her will to fight. She would prove that cancer picked the wrong lady. Tracey went thru a grueling schedule of chemo and radiation. She had 4 A/C chemo treatments, 12 Taxol treatments and 28 radiation treatments. I am sure you can see why I said she is one tough lady.

In talking to Tracey and discussing what types of things make her happy we settled on the perfect trip. There was a trip that was calling her name. She wanted a romantic getaway with her amazing husband Curt. So away they went to enjoy the sun, the sand and some alone time together. Tracey and Curt have known each other since they were 13. They are high school sweethearts.

Thank you Tracey for helping to keep Tina’s Legacy alive. We definitely lost Tina way to soon and we miss her every day. However, in meeting these incredible women and having the opportunity to create life long memories with them helps to keep Tina’s spirit and legacy alive. We appreciate all of the support from you all to make this possible.